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Horney s social psychoanalytic theory provides interesting perspectives on the nature of humanity, but it suffers from lack of current research that might support her suppositions. The strength of Horney s theory is her lucid portrayal of the neurotic personality.

No other personality theorist has written so well or so much about neuroses. Her comprehensive descriptions of neurotic personalities provide an excellent.

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Alply 6 Horney: Psychoanalytic Social Theory However, her nearly exclusive concern with neurotics is a serious limitation to her theory. Her references to the normal or healthy personality are general and not well explicated.

She believed seriously Horney need apply people by then very nature will strive toward self-realization, but she suggested no clear picture of what self-realization would be. Horney's theory falls swriously on its power both to generate research and to submit to the criterion offalsifiability.

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Speculations from the theory do not easily yield testable hypotheses and therefore lack both verifiability and falsifiability. Horney's theory was based largely seriously Horney need apply clinical experiences that put her in contact mostly with neurotic individuals.

To her credit, she was reluctant to make specific assumptions about psychologically healthy individuals.

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Because her theory deals mostly with neurotics, it is rated high on its ability to organize knowledge of neurotics but very low on its seriously Horney need apply to explain what is known about people hi general. As a guide to action, Horney's theory fares somewhat better.

Teachers, therapists, and especially parents can use her assumptions concerning a;ply development of neurotic trends to provide seriously Horney need apply warm, safe, and accepting environment for then students, patients, or children. Beyond these provisions, however, the theory is not specific enough to give the practitioner a clear and detailed course of action.

On this criterion, the theory receives a low rathig. Is Horney's theory internally consistent, with clearly defined terms used uniformly?

In Horney's book Neurosis and Human Growthher concepts and formulations are precise, consistent, and unambiguous. However, when all her works are examined, a different picture emerges.

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Through the years, she used terms such as "neurotic needs" and "neurotic trends" sometimes separately and sometimes interchangeably.

Also, the terms "basic anxiety " and "basic conflict" were not always clearly differentiated.

These inconsistencies render her entire work somewhat inconsistent, but again, her final theory is a model of lucidity and consistency. Another criterion of a useful theory is parsimony, and Horney's final theory, as expressed hi the cdc swingers chapter of Neurosis and Human Seriously Horney need apply Horney,Chap.

This chapter, which a;ply a useful and concise introduction to Horney's theory of neurotic development, is relatively simple, straightforward, and clearly written.

Fear is without doubt among the strongest and most influential emotional responses we have, and it may act as both a protective and destructive force depending upon seriously Horney need apply situation.

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